Bellie & Speymouth Parish Church of Scotland

Current projects

Bellie Church Audio Visual project

Following the completion of the Clock Tower project, the next focus for the congregation will be the upgrading of audio visual equipment in Bellie Church, to facilitate more modern, interactive and participative forms of worship.  This will allow the church building to both serve as a place of worship and an excellent community facility.

The project has been mostly completed with the final works due before Christmas.


‚ÄčTeam Romania 2018

‚ÄčIn 2012, the congregation established links with Friendship International and a team of young people from our TGIS group, supported by adult volunteers, undertook a mission trip to a Friendship International camp in Romania to work with children from a nearby orphanage.  A further mission trip took place in 2015.

The team that went to Romania in Summer 2018.